CBD Iceolate ™ is our trademarked production of CBD Isolate that ensures the consumer the highest quality isolate meeting the strictest quality standards. While it can be offered in many forms, most popular is a pure white crystalline powder that is over 98%* pure CBD. All other cannabinoids as well as plant matter contained in the hemp plant including oils, waxes, chlorophyll and more are removed during processing to offer a finished product of Isolated CBD.

* Due to testing limitations related to both cannabinoid standards and analytical equipment, APP promotes this product as 98%+.  We produce each batch to essentially a 100% pure standard, but even moisture in the area or a spec of dust can reduce 100% to something lower.  It is impossible to have 100% of anything.  Due to these  limitations, 98%+ is represented as the highest acceptable analytical expression.

Per Gram for Grams less than or Equal to:

100 mg


250 mg


500 mg


999 mg


Kilo (1,000 grams) Pricing:
Greater than 100 – call

1 kg


25 kg


2 kg


50 kg


5 kg


100 kg


10 kg


Monthly Contracts:
Greater than 100 – call

5 kg


10 kg








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